High speed broadband plans are coming to Merseyside

By Kerry Norman

A new investment will be bringing high-speed internet to homes across Merseyside.

The at least £250m expenditure will be coming from Telecoms giant Openreach. The move will also create multiple jobs throughout the region.

Liverpool is one of the first cities to be involved in the scheme, which is being rolled out across major cities in the UK. It will aim to bring 100Mbps internet access.

Old copper wires will be replaced with high-speed fibre to homes and businesses. Once the work in Liverpool is done, they will move onto the rest of the Liverpool Region.

Openreach, owned by BT, will work with the council and firm MJ Quinn to upgrade the network in Liverpool. The Knowsley firm has been long established with over 2000 staff nationally. They also say that the plans will create 60 apprentices and many other positions.

An office in the Cunard building will be the base for Openreach and MJ Quinn alongside the council during the project.

Mayor Joe Anderson negotiated with Openreach to be the in the first wave of the new scheme. He said he is delighted this is going ahead and creating new jobs for the city.

Matthew Hemmings, infrastructure delivery director in the North for Openreach said: “This latest multi million pound investment in Liverpool by Openreach will give a vital boost to the city’s households and businesses. For our vibrant business community, which is known for its innovation, it will mean more firms benefiting from the huge opportunities offered by this exciting technology to attract new customers, provide new services and work more efficiently.”

A spokeswoman from Openreach told MerseyDays: “It is expected tens of thousands of homes will benefit. The technology will be capable of reaching 1GB per second.

“It will be 24 times faster than the UK average, enough to stream 200 high definition episodes on Netflix. We will be recruiting around 3000 engineers countrywide, so it will certainly bring employment to Liverpool.”

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