Merseyside reacts to rare ‘super blue blood moon’

A super blue blood moon bewitched skywatchers in Merseyside despite the cloudy weather conditions last night.

The rare celestial phenomenon was the first in over 150 years, as it features three different types of moon – super, blue, and blood. A super moon refers to the when the moon’s rotation around the Earth is closer to the planet, making it appear about 14% larger than usual. The next super moon in the UK will be on January 21st, 2019.

For Australia, Asia and some parts of the US and Eastern Europe, there was a lunar eclipse, as the Earth passed between the Sun and the Moon.

The people of Merseyside tweeted their delight as they captured a glimpse of the extraordinary event. Linsey Landy tweeted: ‘How bright is the supermoon early this morning in Liverpool. Photo’s don’t do it justice.’

James Maloney also captured the event tweeting: ‘The Supermoon finally showed its face – once it cleared those horrible rain clouds – above the Anglican.’

Professor of Astrophysics at Liverpool John Moores University, Andy Newsam told MerseyDays: ‘A  lunar eclipse happens when the Earth gets between the Sun and the Moon and the moon goes into the shadow of the Earth. The Moon then gets very dark, but because some light leaks around the sides of the Earth through our atmosphere, it also turns red – sometime quite a deep, blood red. Unfortunately, the eclipse this time happened during the day for us when the Moon was below the horizon so we couldn’t see it.’

‘Although the phrase “Blue Super Blood-Red Moon” sounds great, the best bit is the Blood-Red bit, which we couldn’t see. Having said that, the Moon will have looked great last night – it always does! And it is very easy to see – you don’t need anywhere particularly dark, or any special equipment – just no cloud and somewhere to look up from.’

The next time you can expect to see a super blue blood moon is 2037.


Photo courtesy of Dave Wood

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