New Vehicle for North West Ambulance Service

The North West Ambulance charity has added a new vehicle to its force.

The new fast road vehicle will spring into action tomorrow morning to compensate for the charities helicopters, when they are grounded due to unsafe conditions.
Limited visibility, unsafe landing conditions or accidents in close proximity, are all cause for the new vehicle to be dispatched.

The car will carry additional medical equipment that are not available in ambulances, such as ultra sounds and resuscitation devices.

Clinical services manager Mark Evans told MerseyDays the car will offer a more direct and advanced form of care to patients. He said: ‘When using our trial car we attended 24  instances that we would not have been able to attend in the helicopter due to weather conditions. The vehicle allows us to deliver car right to the patience, right at the roadside.’

The car is the first of three that the charity are hoping to get, through donations from the public across the North West.
The introduction of the vehicle will also allow paramedics and consultants to extend their hours.

Images and video courtesy of The North West Ambulance Charity 


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