Partial Closure to Queens Drive

There’s disruption for commuters as one of Liverpool’s main roads is subject to partial closures.

The closure will start on February the 5th and the work could last up to 45 days, triggering chaos for local commuters.

The maintenance will see one lane from the two-lane carriageway being closed off from the public and will cover 200m of the road.

The work will involve old metal pipes being replaced with plastic ones, with a promise to make it safer and have reliable supplies by the end of the century.

MerseyDays spoke to Carol Whitehouse a  Liverpool resident, who said: “I think they need to think of a better idea. They need to think about commuters and people who live in the side roads because it’s going to become a rat run. But on the other hand it has to be done.”

It will affect access to Bowring Park Road going towards Childwall/Wavertree and will see Glendevon Road being closed.

The disruption to commuters will continue as Queens Drive, near the Rocket pub is next to be hit with the work as part of a nationwide scheme.

Pedestrians will not be affected by the work and locals living within the areas involved will experience no interruption to their gas supply.

If any problems arise from the work being undertaken contact on 0161 703 1000



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