Save our son; Parents plead with judge to let their son live

Copyright: Alfie’s Army Facebook

By Rebecca Thomas

A Merseyside father has pleaded with a judge today to save his ill son’s life.

20-Month-Old, Alfie Evans, is currently hospitalised at Alder Hey, in a ‘semi vegetative state’ from a mystery illness that doctors believe could be a mitochondrial condition.

Alfie’s parents, Kate James and Tom Evans want to take Alfie to the Bambino Gesu Paediatric Hospital in Rome. The parents want to take Alfie to Italy so they can pinpoint what is wrong with their son.

However, Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool where Alfie is currently being cared for, do not think it is in Alfie’s best interest to take him to Europe for treatment. Alder Hey applied in December to turn Alfie’s life support machine off.

Tom Evans and representatives for Alder Hey hospital are in court today to discuss Alfie’s future, his mother, Kate remains at the hospital with her son. Representative for Alder Hey Hospital, Michael Mylonas QC said in court that Alfie had suffered significant brain damage over time and said the condition was relentless and untreatable. Mr Mylonas also claimed that Alfie was now unable to survive on his own and would need invasive ventilation- meaning a tube through his throat.

Alder Hey’s lawyer described Alfie as a sweet lovely boy who smiles and opens his eyes. At this point Tom Evans broke down into tears and placed his head on the table, Mr Justice Hayden left the court room.When court began again Mr Mylonas said that clinicians at Alder Hey do not believe Alfie’s movements were actual interactions with his parents and were in fact seizure activity.

However Alfie’s family have always maintained that Alfie blinks, smiles and sucks his dummy. Alfie’s story has gained the support of many celebrities including Rebekah Vardy, wife of Leicester star Jamie Vardy. Mrs Vardy wrote on Twitter when she met Alfie; “Today Alfie squeezed my finger every time I tickled his little hand. I watched him with my own eyes reacting to his Dad’s touch. He is sucking a dummy & spitting it out, he is using his senses. Please help Alfie & his family to save him.”

Alfie’s friends and family also have a Twitter and Facebook page called ‘Alfie’s Army’ which has gained thousands of supporting followers and posts. Twitter user @PhylissStein2 said: “ This is a cruel country. A Dad has to represent himself to try to save his child.” Another user @Joanneorr1190 said: “What gives anybody the right to play God with a child life …. It’s a parents job to say what should be happening nobody else’s …. … Hope it goes well for the family.”

Supporters were also seen outside the court chanting ‘Release Alfie Evans’.

The two day court appeal will conclude tomorrow evening.



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