Wirral MPs press for a meeting over Birkenhead M&S closure.

Written by Megan Tattersley

Marks and Spencer has announced the closure of their Birkenhead store. The M&S store in the Pyramid Shopping Centre is set to close by the end of April as part of a transformation plan. This is to focus on the food aspect of the company and reduce the clothing and home sections.

Frank Field, Birkenhead MP has described the closure as “hugely concerning”.  Wirral MPs and the Leader of the Council are attempting to hold a meeting to persuade M&S to rethink their position.

Mr Field said: “To begin with, we will be asking M&S to set out more fully why they are doing this and the cost basis for doing so, as opposed to the goodwill they will lose.’

In November 2016 the company said they intended to reposition 25% of Clothing & Home space through closures, downsizes, relocations and conversions to food-only stores.

Five other stores in the UK are set to close, Bournemouth, Durham, Fforestfach, Putney and Redditch. The M&S stores in Andover, Basildon, Bridlington, Denton (Outlet), Falmouth, Fareham, Keighley and Stockport may be potentially closed.

M&S initially wanted to open 200 Simply Food programmes but has now reduced this to 36 over the next six months.

Director of Retail for Marks and Spencer, Sacha Berendji said: “We believe these changes are vital for the future of M&S and we will continue to accelerate the programme, taking tough but necessary decisions, as we focus on making M&S special.”





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