Royal Hospital may not open this year due to the Carillion collapse

By Chloe Smith

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital may not be able to open this year after a proposed two-year delay after the collapse of Carillion.

The construction company, which was in control of the re-build The Royal Hospital, went into liquidation earlier this month. The company collapsed due to being £900m in debts.

The project’s total amount to demolish the current hospital and to build the new one is £429m. Almost three quarters of the money put towards this project is from public funding sources.

The Chief Executive of The Royal Hospital, Aidan Kehoe, says that since they found out about Carillion going into liquidation, they have been working closely with The Hospital Company to ensure that the development is completed as quickly as possible.

He also mentioned that they are getting daily updates about progress, and they are hoping over the next few weeks and months that they are able to see what the situation is.

The project to create The New Royal Hospital was scheduled for March 2017. However, since then Carillion revised this date to February 2018 and told the Trust it could not meet the date given, and there is still no handover date given to the Trust.

However, previsions are being put in place in aiding to secure the services of existing sub-contractors and former Carillion construction staff to continue the work, to try to get it completed.

Below is a video of The Chief Executive, Aidan Kehoe giving updates and more in-depth information about the future of The Royal Hospital.

(Permission to include this video is by: Jamie Murphy- Acting Communications Manager of The Royal Hospital Liverpool)


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