Jon Venables Anonymity: Should It Be Lifted?

Father of murdered toddler James Bulger has called for the anonymity of one of his killers to be removed following his further jailing yesterday.

Jon Venables, who has now assumed his third new identity, was sentenced to 40-months imprisonment after being found downloading child pornography for the second time.

Venables was reportedly found to have downloaded 1,170 indecent and abusive images on a single day,

Over the past four years, Venables has lived anonymously in a secret location. Only police and his probation workers were aware of his whereabouts and new identity.

James’s father, Ralph Bulger, has pleaded for Venables’ identity to be revealed on his return to prison, as he believes this will help the public safeguard other children.

MerseyDays wanted to find out what the people of Liverpool had to say on the call to remove Venables anonymity and the outcome followed a similar theme.

David Thorpe, 42, a taxi driver in Liverpool said: “He should absolutely be exposed, he has had three chances now and got off lightly on every occasion and I certainly am not the only person in the city to think this.”

Jake Howe, 22, of Liverpool also supports the plea to reveal Venables identity, He says: “I believe his identity should be released, definitely.

“I think he shouldn’t have his identity hid due to the horrible things he done, people should see him for who he is and not hiding behind this new image.”

Student Holly Jacobs agrees, commenting: “He took away the human rights of a very small child, despite being a child himself; maybe we should take away his human rights.

“He shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind this facade he’s been allowed to create for himself. He is not remorseful, he is not regretful, and he is still doing the same things.

Joe Swift, 27, said: “I think the whole case is pretty disgusting and I think the fact he has been put back in prison numerous times shows that he should have his identity revealed.

“I understand if it is revealed there will be a massive backlash, but it is absolutely disgusting and he should be exposed.”

Do you think Jon Venables should have his identity revealed? Follow the link below to have your say.


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