Tackle the touts: Liverpool FC urge fans to say no to touts

anfield                (Copyright: Twitter @LFC)

By Rebecca Thomas

Liverpool FC has urged supporters to only buy match tickets from the official club website.

The warning comes after it was revealed that 60% of discounted match tickets at Anfield are getting into the hands of ticket touts who are then selling the tickets for over face value price. Liverpool FC have pledged to crack down on ticket touts and have already banned a number of people from attending matches and purchasing tickets.

Liverpool chief executive, Peter Moore, has vowed to protect supporters from ticket touts and the club is taking measures to tackle the ticket tout issue.

Fans on Twitter reacted angrily to ticket touting at Anfield. User @_SammyTheBull_ said: ““Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore takes aim at ticket touts” I hope this means the club will stop touting tickets to Thomas Cook. Surely It’s not right that they can turn a £50 ticket into £250 profit. Would u agree ?

Liverpool FC season ticket holder Paul Thomas told Merseydays:  “I think it’s wrong there needs to be more laws to protect normal people. And if there wasn’t any touts then I don’t think we’d have a problem. I think people would just accept that they couldn’t attend the match.”

Mr Thomas also criticised the club’s approach towards ticket touts, he said: “I don’t think the club are doing enough to stop this. Especially with the tickets that are meant to go to the community for underprivileged children. If tickets like these are getting into the hands of touts then someone at the club isn’t doing their job.”

However, the club have promised to hire two ticketing investigation officers who will work to prevent the misuse and overpriced resale of match tickets.




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