Liverpool’s £1 houses, but what’s the catch?

By Kerry Norman

The MP for Wavertree has told Merseydays that prospective buyers in the area ‘will love it’, despite concerns aired on the first of a three part series, The £1 Houses: Britains’s Cheapest Streets. 

The Channel 4 programme, aired last night (February 14th), following the process of Merseyside residents turning derelict houses into their dream homes. The programme focused on empty properties in the Wavertree District, in the area named ‘The Webster Triangle’.

Liverpudlians are queuing up to be part of this once in a lifetime property deal – to buy a house for just £1.

Liverpool City Council plans aim to bring around 6,000 houses back into use.

To be eligible for a £1 house, residents must be first time buyers, live and work in Liverpool and are unable to sell the property on for five years.

One of the couples appearing on the programme, Mel and Rob, plan to move to their £1 house with their three children. They had saved around £25,000 to put into the rebuild of the property, but it didn’t come without its struggles, as documented on the first of the three part series. The discovery of a bullet in their doorstep and the threat of gun crime in the area made the young couple question their investment.

Commenting on firearm uses in the district, Wavertree MP Luciana Berger told MerseyDays: “Wavertree is a great place to live, work and do business. Gun crime incidents in the constituency are extremely rare, but there has been an increase recently.

“Recent incidents cause people real worries and concerns, but I firmly believe that Wavertree is a great place to live, to work and to bring up children. Anyone thinking of moving to Liverpool should definitely visit Wavertree. I know they’ll love it.”

Anti-social behaviour in the area also shed a negative light on the scheme. One family revealed their gutters were stolen whilst the property was being built, so they had to invest in tighter security to protect their new home.

There are currently around 3000 live applications for £1 houses, however there are only 60 to 65 properties for now, so they council are not taking on anymore.

It had been suggested by the council that it will cost on average £35,000 to transform the homes. The average price of a terraced home in Wavertree is currently around £136,000.

As well as giving first time buyers opportunities to get onto the property ladder, the scheme will be helping to rejuvenate neglected areas of Merseyside. Anthony Mousdale, housing coordinator of Homes for a pound, told MerseyDays more about the scheme:




The second episode will air on 21st February at 9pm on Channel 4, following more families striving to build their dream £1 home.

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