Birkenhead- Profile on Ch42

By Chloe Smith

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Birkenhead is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral within Merseyside. Its postcode CH41 and CH42 and the local MP is Frank field.

It is known for its town centre, with Birkenhead Market and The Pyramids Shopping centre. Within the centre of Birkenhead there is a busy bus station that links buses to Liverpool City Centre via the Birkenhead tunnel.

The Birkenhead Tunnel opened in 1934 and it is owned by Mersey travel. The toll is currently £1.70.

There is a Town hall located by the Famous Hamilton square train station. Nearby this station there are two more stations, known as Conway Park and Birkenhead Central.  Around this area there is also a Magistrates’ Court located in the centre of Birkenhead.

There are several schools within Birkenhead known as: Birkenhead Park School, Birkenhead High School Academy that is for all girls and it still is a same sex school and there is an all-boys Catholic Grammar School called St Anselm’s College.


Just down the road from Birkenhead bus station there is a park called Birkenhead Park. Which is famous, and known for being the inspiration for New York’s Central Park, and it was the first park that was publicly funded in Britain.

During the War, one part of Birkenhead was bombed badly. This particularly hit Cammell Laird, which is the main shipbuilding industry for the Wirral. It was founded in 1828 by William Laird, and then he was joined by his son John Laird. They then named it John Laird, Sons & Co which is a privately held company.


Wilfred Owen moved and lived in Birkenhead in 1898 – he was Stationmaster at Woodside Station, which is now closed, and known as Woodside Ferry Terminal. He then went from Stationmaster and became a WW1 poet, but was killed in action just one week before Armistice Day in 1918.

Footballer John Barnes is known for living in the Wirral and her is also the ambassador for the Wirral youth zone ‘The Hive’, which he inspired to create.

Comedian and TV and radio presenter Paul O’Grady was originally born in Birkenhead and he lived with his family in Higher Tranmere until he got a career in television.


The majority of the population within Birkenhead is aged between 18-64.

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