Help save City Centre Homeless Shelter

By Annie Williams

A campaign has been launched to save a homeless shelter in Liverpool City Centre from closure.

Our House for the People opened in December last year in a bid to keep the city’s rough sleepers off the streets during the winter season.

Set up in the redundant building of Kingsway House, Hatton Garden, the shelter provides a bed and warmth for 50 – 60 people on a daily basis a further 90 hot meals for those who need.

Catherine West, a volunteer at the shelter and creator of the campaign, said: “This shelter has saved lives.

“These words will stay with me the rest of my life. It is what a shelter user told me on my first shift there, yet this shelter is about to close at the end of the month.

“Why would our city turn its back on the 150+ people who use this shelter everyday?”

Our House for the People is staffed by volunteers from the Liverpool community and by the homeless themselves.

As well as shelter, the refuge has helped many rough sleepers tackle addictions, find jobs and long-term homes.

Since opening its doors last year, members of the shelter state that it has been reported that city centre crime levels have decreased.

The shelter is set to close its doors to rough sleepers at the end of this month, but volunteers are pleading for this date to be extended.

Miss West said: “This is a journey, not a destination. We have to keep Our House for the People open and continue the amazing work it has achieved in a very short space of time.”

Paige Finnan, one of the volunteers and founders of Our House for the People said : “We’re asking for anyone who’s seen our journey and the family we’ve built along the way to help keep this going by signing the petition.

If you want to support Our House for the People, you can sign the petition using the following link:

The petition has already gained over 1400 signatures in less than 24 hours since being set up.

our house

our house.png 1

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