James Bulger petition rebuffed

By Ellie Watkinson

The Government has rejected an online petition appealing for a public inquiry into the James Bulger murder case.

The petition was deemed ‘not necessary’ by Government, days after the murder case’s 25th anniversary, despite it receiving more than 190,000 signatures. The public inquiry would include an investigation into Jon Venables rehabilitation.

Before the petition was rebuffed, MerseyDays spoke to Chris Johnson, Chairman of the Justice for James campaign. He said: “James has never had justice, and Denise has never really been allowed to live a private life.

“The case has been mishandled so badly by the judiciary…that is why we are currently campaigning for a public enquiry into the handling of the aftermath.”

The rejection of the petition has received damning responses on social media. Twitter user Stephanie Oliver said: “The legal system in this country is a joke! I feel so let down for Denise, her family and most of all James!”

Liverpool based tweeter Jake, said: “The Government doesn’t listen to anything the public wants, it could have 50 million signatures and they still won’t listen.”

A petition which receives over 100,000 signatures is considered for debate in Parliament, yet out of the top e-petitions last year none succeeded in obtaining its proposed outcomes.

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