Liverpool one over the eight

by Catrin Whitehead

lfcFans are ecstatic following Liverpool FC’s triumphant win last night against Porto. Liverpool thrashed the Portuguese team 5-0 at Estadio do Dragao as part of their last-16 tie of the Champions League.

Top scorers Mohamed Salah and Robert Firmino contributed to the win, with Sadio Mane stealing the show by scoring a hat-trick and securing the lead.

The victory means Liverpool  now hold the record for the biggest away win for an English side in the league.

Here’s what LFC coach Jurgen Klopp had to say after the match:

Football fans were quick to praise the Reds on social media, with the victory meaning a Champions League title could be within reach.

lfc tweet 1lfc tweet 2

However, many still don’t believe the landslide win against the undefeated Portuguese side will be enough for the reds to win the league. I went out onto the streets of Liverpool to gather people’s thoughts on the game, and a popular opinion seemed to be that Manchester City – the previous holders of LFC’s new record – will win the league.

Isaac Rees, a Liverpool FC supporter from Ellesmere Port, said: “It was a good game -excellent hat-trick from Mane. Good goals from Salah and Firmino as well.”

Despite yesterday’s impressive performance, when asked if Liverpool will win the league, he replied: “Not this year, no. Man City will win the league this year.”

Liverpool’s next match will be on the 24th of February, where they’re set to play West Ham at Anfield.

What did you think of Liverpool’s performance this season? Do they have a chance at claiming the Champions League trophy? Let us know your thoughts!



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