New Freight Ferry to be built in Birkenhead

A new freight-only ferry is to be built in the Cammell Laird shipyard.

Ferry Operator Red Funnel have confirmed that it was necessary that a new ferry was to be introduced due to the existing vehicle ferries running out of capacity. There were fears that the ferries would simply run out of capacity when the freights were due to travel. The idea of building a new ferry shows a vote of confidence in British shipbuilding.

The ship, which is almost 240ft long is set to cost up to £10million, will be in the Camell Laird shipyard, which is located in Birkenhead is to operate on the Southampton-east Cowes route.  The new ferry is the latest investment after the Red Funnel was bought by the consortium of the UK and Canadian in 2017.

The new ferry would be a major boost for Red Funnel, as it would free space up on the two main ferries, due to the reason that they are currently holding more than half of the commercial freight traffic, which is constantly being carried on and off the freight ferries.


Geoff Williams, a worker at Cammell Laird shipyard told MerseyDays: “The arrival of the ferry is a really good opportunity for us. It’s obviously great for the workload; it brings in work to the yard and keeps people employed.”

The new Ferry is to be introduced by spring 2019.

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