Local landmarks: visit the hospital where John Lennon was born

Written by Megan Tattersley

In the outer city centre lies the old Liverpool Maternity Hospital where rock band member John Lennon was born. Now the building is used for student accommodation called ‘Lennon Studios’, but you still can visit the grounds.

A Hard Day’s Night Taxi Tour offers fans of The Beatles a chance to travel around all the significant places of the band in Liverpool. One of them is the old Maternity Hospital. Joey Lyon who runs the tour says: “Everyone wants to see where John Lennon is born, it’s a big attraction.”

The taxi tour is a unique experience, your driver can take you to as many of the destinations as you want. Mr Lyon told MerseyDays that on some journeys “…they can go to 17 attractions or sometimes 27, it totally depends on what the visitors wants to see.”

The maternity hospital was built in 1926 on Oxford Street and became the largest voluntary hospital in Britain. The hospital was founded in 1841 but moved to several different locations such as Myrtle Street and Brownlow Hill before it’s closure in 1995.

september stone

The name ‘Liverpool Maternity Hospital’ was formed in 1926 after firstly being called ‘Liverpool Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary for the Diseases of Women and Children’ and then in 1869 ‘Ladies Charity and Lying-In Hospital’.



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