Wavertree – a profile of L15

By Kerry Norman 
Wavertree is a District of Liverpool, on the outskirts of Liverpool city centre. As of the 2011 census, there were 14,772 residents of the postcode. However, with the increase of student properties and more families moving to the area, the population is increasing.

Property information

Average price of a dethatched house- £226,475
Average price of a terraced house- £136,000
Average price of a flat- £65,250
42.2% of properties in Wavertree are band A
21.3% properties in Wavertree are Band B
36.5% of properties in Wavertree are Band C+



The largest age of population in Wavertree is 20-24 years. The area is very popular for students due to the low house pricing and the easy and short commute to the city centre, where most of the University’s are.

Liverpool Government


Crime stats

Crime per 1000 person-71.6
Anti-social behaviour per 1000 person-29.7

crime one
Liverpool Government

Notable leisure facilities

Wavertree Botanical Gardens
Wavertree Playground
Sefton Park (close by)
Liverpool Aquatics centre
Wavertree technology park
Brookhouse pub
ASDA- Superstore, open 24 hours weekdays
A wide range of independent businesses and restaurants

independant business.jpg


Wavertree MP- Luciana Berger
Wavertree Councillors-
Dave Cummings
Rosie Jolly
Clare McIntyre

Wavertree is a majority Labour district.results
Historical facts

-Wavertree was one of the earliest suburbs to become part of Liverpool. It was incorporated into the city boundaries in 1835.

-Wavertree Technology Park was created by the Merseyside Task Force on 35 acres of land, and created 1000 jobs for the area

-The picton clock tower has been a local landmark for over 100 years, presented by Sir James Picton in 1884 in memory of his late wife. Sir James Picton was a prominent local resident of the area.


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