Your guide to L7: the Outer City Centre and Edge Hill

L7 is the outer city centre of Liverpool, Edge Hill and Kensington and Fairfield. At MerseyDays we have focused specifically on the city centre and Edge Hill.


Outer City Centre

The University of Liverpool campus is placed here, including Abercromby Square. The Russell Group university was found in 1881 and has 33,000 students. 10,000 students study online making this university one of the largest provider of online postgraduate degrees. They are 177 in the university world ranking.

a s proflie

Link to MerseyDays article on Abercromby Square


There are also Unite student accommodations here which was previously the old Liverpool Maternity Hospital.

old hospital

Link to the MerseyDays article on the birth place of John Lennon


Edge Hill

This area is south east of the city centre of Liverpool and was developed in the late 18th century.

Joseph Williamson in 1805 purchased land known as the Long Broom Field on Mason Street. He lived there and built properties on the street without any direct plan. The gardens and grounds reached the whole length of Paddington and went to Smithdown Lane.

The Barnsley born philanthropist built a labyrinth of underground halls and brick-arched tunnels from 1810 until his death in 1840. These are known as Williamson Tunnels. Part of the tunnel is open to the public as a heritage centre but the rest is blocked by rubble. The reasons behind building the tunnel is unknown.

The article about Williamson Tunnels will becoming soon on MerseyDays.

edge hill.jpg

Edge Hill has the oldest passenger train in the UK. The first Edge Hill station was built in 1830 as part of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. For the first time people could travel from a major city to another and return back on the same day. When the line opened on 15th September George Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ left Crown Street Station and passed through Edge Hill carrying the Prime Minister and the Duke of Wellington.

The current station was built in 1836 when a new tunnel was added from Liverpool Lime Street to help with the large amount of travellers. The original station then turned into a goods station.

edge hillll.jpg



Central-Christine Banks the Deputy Lord Mayor and Chair of Licensing Committee and Licensing and Gambling Committee. Nick Small the Assistant Mayor of Liverpool & Cabinet Member -Schools & Education. Sharon Sullivan.

Kensington and Fairfield: Wendy Simon the Assistant Mayor of Liverpool and Cabinet member of culture, tourism and events. Sue Walker. Liam Robinson Merseytravel Chair.


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