How Abercromby Square helps Liverpool’s students

Written by Megan Tattersley

Abercromby Square is situation between the south and central campus of University of Liverpool.It is open during the weekdays for the public, to enjoy the green space and escape from the busyness of the city.

MerseyDays investigated how having the garden specifically helps local students.

Harriet Meylan who studies Law and Criminology said that she often goes to through the square to help her feel more “calm and relaxed. In a place that is constantly on the go it’s nice to have a place that feels more still.”

Iona Campbell aged 19 told MerseyDays: “I don’t use it often but I do find it really pretty and relaxing especially during exam period.”

Aerospace Engineering student, Rebecca Gauntlett said she uses the square mainly in summer to “escape” from revision.The second year student also told MerseyDays although she doesn’t revise herself there she knows people who chosen to revise here.


The square is named after General Sir Ralph Abercromby who was the commander of the British Army in Egypt. He was killed in 1801 at the Battle of Alexandria.

In the centre there is a Georgian credential that was built in 1822 to store garden tools.

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