Alfie Evans fight continues


By Rebecca Thomas

The parents of  a Liverpool toddler have until this afternoon to appeal to the Supreme Court to keep their seriously ill son alive.

Alfie Evans remains in a coma at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool and doctors have described him as being in a ‘vegetative state’. The toddler has an un-diagnosed brain condition, and his parents would prefer to see him treated at a hospital in Rome.

However, Alder Hey has refused to support the parents’ plans to take Alfie out of the country, and went to court to have Alfie’s life support turned off.

At the first court case, and in the Appeal Court, it was agreed that Alfie had not shown clear signs he was aware of his surroundings and upheld the decision to take the tot off his life support machine. If his parents decide to take the case the supreme court this may be their final chance to have a decision in their favour.

Many Twitter users reacted angrily to the decision to turn Alfie’s life support off and have questioned why the decision is being taken out of his parents hands. Twitter user @XxXKell5XxX said: ‘Tom & Kate should be allowed to say what happens with their son. Why are they being stopped from moving him to a doctor that wants to help diagnose/treat this brave, beautiful boy? Please someone in power step forward and help this brave, beautiful boy @10DowningStreet ‘.

Twitter user @rebecca85824891 said: ‘ the UK are doing this with Alfie Evans currently they “can’t treat or diagnose” but refuse to release him to another hospital. What is going on???   ‘.

Alfie’s parents faced a 4pm deadline to lodge an action in the Supreme Court.

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