‘Explosion’ on Merseyrail train

A video of a fireball on a Merseyrail track has been widely shared on social media. Power supply issues on the Ormskirk line caused what passengers have described as a series of loud bangs and sparks at around 6.20 this morning.

Merseyrail said on Twitter: “Due to power supply problems in the Aintree area, services between Ormskirk & Walton are suspended. We have been unable to obtain a rail replacement bus & passengers on this line are advised make alternative travel arrangements. Apologies!”

No one has been injured but passengers were stuck on the train for up to two hours from 6.20am this morning. Several trains have been cancelled running between Liverpool and Ormskirk, causing major disruptions to passengers.

Richard Sealey tweeted a reply to Merseyrail which said ‘Do Merseyrail have contingency plans for issues like this because a lot of people couldn’t get to work and that costs wages not just a train fare.’

Passengers affected may be entitled to a refund if they visit the Merseyrail website.


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