Most Frequent Crimes in Merseyside

By Chloe Smith

There are five areas that Merseyside covers, these are known as: Liverpool, Wirral, Knowsley, Sefton and St Helens. Each specific area has its own police community team known as Hubs and they are divided between one to four hubs depending on how big the area is to cover.

Looking at the criminal statistics from last year on UK Crime Stats, it showed that the total amount of crimes in 2017 was 156,557. It then showed that the month which the most crimes was committed was October being a total of 15,782 criminal offences.

For January 2018, the highest total amount of criminal offences was shown to be 3,282 crimes within Merseyside. The statistics show that with violence being the top amount, it was the most frequent crime to be committed within this month.

Over the years from 2013 up until present day it is shown that Violence and Sexual Offences and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) have remained the most frequent crimes committed as the figures are constantly exceeding over 2,000 criminal offences every month.grapgh


Areas where violence occurred in January 2018: (Most violence to least)

Liverpool – 1369

Wirral- 687

Sefton- 487

St Helens- 419


Areas where ASB occurred in January 2018 (Most ASB to least)

Liverpool- 1061

Wirral- 468

Sefton- 398

St Helens- 409

Knowsley- 290

The Top 10 crimes within Merseyside:

1.Violence and Sexual Offences

2.Anti-Social Behaviour

3.Criminal Damage and Arson


5.Vechile Crime

6.Other Theft

7.Public Order



10.Bike Theft

If you wish to find out any more information about the Merseyside Police you can go to this website:

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