Surprise snowfall hits North West roads on “National Pothole Day”

Written by Megan Tattersley

Millions of people woke up to snow covering their homes this morning by what is being called ‘the Pest from the West’. It has already caused many schools in the area to close and transport  to be delayed.


The snow can also be damaging to our roads especially as the amount of snow fall was not prepared for.

Today is National Pothole Day which has been set up by Mark Morrell who also goes by the name “Mr Pothole” for the fourth  year in a row.

Mr Morrel told MerseyDays: “The roads have lacked maintenance for decades and if  you get small cracks in the tarmac the snow and ice get up it and it when it falls out it creates more faults.” The damage won’t be seen for around 6 months, when the weather gets warmer and vehicles run up and down it it breaks down the tarmac from the damage already made.

Mr Morrell who has been campaigning for five years said: “An estimated £5 billion will be needed to help fix the issues.”

The roads currently in the Merseyside area will be around 60 to 70 years old. The Liverpool City council are making progress after just announcing  plans to invest £4million to resurface the Edge Lane road that has a lot of potholes.

The link to Mark Morrell’s campaign:



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