Uber price increase at Anfield

By Chloe Smith

Uber doubled its prices last night for travelling to drop and pick up fans at Anfield.

Liverpool fans left the game at the famous Anfield stadium to find that the Uber taxis had increased their prices for picking up and dropping off fans.

Fans where getting picked up from Hanover Street in Liverpool and for a standard Uber taxi were getting charged between £10-£14. For a 3-mile journey the Uber taxi rate should have been between £5-£7.

There has been reports that some foreign fans have been charged up to £40 up front for their journeys back into Liverpool City Centre.

However, the Uber terms and conditions do state under the payment section that when driving in certain geographical regions the fare may increase at times of high demand.

Uber already has been threatened this year, to be banned in Liverpool, by the Mayor Joe Anderson, as he believes that Uber is taking work away from local Liverpool drivers.

With the next big event being the Grand National, could Uber up their fares again.

If you would like to enquire about your journeys price using Uber you can click this link: http://http://www.uber-fare-estimator.com/  



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