Lime Street regeneration

IMG_8916By Rebecca Thomas

Liverpool Lime Street Station

Lime Street has had some extensive redevelopment since September last year, the work caused major problems for commuters. It first closed on September 30th 2017 so platforms could be remodelled.

Tracks were also replaced and signal lines upgraded. The idea behind this was to create extra platforms which creates more train line’s and therefore has more people visiting the station. The station will also close again in April this year for the some touches up on work. Most of this work is being completed over the Easter weekend to create as little disruption as possible for commuters.

Once all the work is complete, it will enable three more trains per hour to use Lime Street including direct trains to Scotland. The second major phase of work then begins between 2 June 2018 and 29 July 2018. Similarly to the first closure in 2017, this will include full and partial closure of lines into Liverpool Lime Street.

The development of the station has frustrated some commuters who see their journeys massively interrupted due to closures. There has also been a two day closure due to over head line damage and the closure due to a wall collapsing on the track, both of which were unplanned and meant more work was needed.

North Western Hall 

North Western Hall which is located in front of Lime Street station, was built as a hotel in the 1870’s. It closed in 1930s and for the last 20 years it has been used as student accommodation. However, owner Worthington Group announced in February that it was to be turned back into a hotel and has hired surveyor Jenics to market the building to potential hotel operators. It is hoped the building could become a hotel as early as 2019. North Western Hall is a very central location and would attract many tourists to stay there due to being connected to Lime Street Station.

The Futurist

The old Futurist cinema located on Lime Street next to The Crown pub, has been completely redeveloped. The only memory of the old cinema is the art work that decorates the new building in its place. This huge project is going to make a 412 bed student block and a 101 room premier inn hotel. Many campaigners had argued that The Futurist cinema which was built in 1912 and closed in 1982, is a historical building and should be restored to its former self. But the development work has continued and with the roaring hotel trade in Liverpool it is clear why the huge development won.




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