Uber app changes affect Merseyside

By Mia Watson-Hart

Merseyside is set to see new changes to Uber operations.

The app-based taxi company has been accused of increasing their fares, with drivers  travelling in from outside Merseyside around the time Liverpool play at Anfield.

Uber signed a five year contract in 2016 for services in Liverpool. Local taxi drivers are infuriated as it takes revenue and service away from them. Uber drivers have also been accused of travelling further out of their region for a fare.

The app changes will mean that drivers from outside the Liverpool will not be allowed to operate services within the centre and the six boroughs around it. Drivers will be able to choose freely but they MUST be licensed in that area to do any jobs and journeys.

Liverpool City Council say they will monitor the firm as it battles with other taxi services for work in Merseyside. This comes as a tumble effect from the troubles Uber had in the capital with the renewal of its taxi license, after some of its drivers were found with criminal backgrounds.

Since the ban in the capital, Uber has faced multiple difficulties in other major cities across the UK, including Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.


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