Wirral Regeneration Project

By Chloe Smith

(Pictures taken by Chloe Smith.)

The Wirral is a part of Merseyside and is a metropolitan district. Which is known as Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council. It consists of a lot of areas that could be regenerated to make it better and bring more money to the economy.

The council leader for the Wirral is known as Phil Davies who playing a key role in multiple plans to redevelop and improve areas across the borough. One of the plans is the Wirral Growth Company, which will be a joint venture with development and investment companies from all over the UK. The Wirral Growth Company wants to become partners with other companies who share the same vision to improve the Wirral for the future.

The aim of this project is to expand the opportunities for residents and to bring benefits to the coastal communities in the Northwest and re-make the Wirral.

Also, earlier this year there was an announcement that the council had also revealed a 10-year plan that would effectively create thousands of new jobs and homes. The project would cost £1 billion pounds to regenerate areas in the Wirral, such as Birkenhead, Bebington, Bromborough, Moreton, Seacombe and New Ferry. It is reported that New Ferry will be a main priority in the plans, as it was affected last March in an explosion causing businesses and homes to be destroyed.

Another plan that has been announced to regenerate the Wirral is the ‘Wirral Waters’, which is a company that has selected places that need improving throughout the Wirral. Some places include: The four bridges, MEA park, the North bank and Marina view. These places are just a select few that make up the Wirral and the Wirral Waters Company wants to focus on these to make it better for visitors and residents.

One main area in the Wirral is Birkenhead. As this area is known for its train stations and bus connections into Liverpool City Centre. However, the shopping area in the centre of Birkenhead alongside the Pyramids, is in need of being regenerated.

At the start of this year the popular clothing store and food court Marks and Spencer’s announced that they would be closing multiple stores in the UK. One store that announced its closure was Birkenhead, which will affect the town centre severely as it was one of the main stores in the Pyramids.

Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field said: “Marks and Spencer’s have made it clear that its mind was made up about the store closing some time ago. We must now turn our attention to the new plans being worked up by the Council for redeveloping and regenerating Birkenhead town centre.

“An important next move for Birkenhead is to transform Birkenhead Market, along similar lines to the success of Altrincham, Manchester and London’s Borough Market. Also, to we want to improve bus and train connections, introduce new leisure attractions and reconfigure a brighter and more accessible High Street.”

If you would like to read more information about the Wirral Growth Company and Wirral Waters and what they both hope to achieve here are the links: https://www.wirralwellmade.com/about/









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