New biometric technology for people with Autism


Written by Megan Tattersley

Wirral Charity, Autism Together have begun an appeal today to raise £2.5 million within the next three years which allows people with autism to use biometric technology.

The 50-year-old charity want to use biometric technology in the form of a wristband to detect when someone, who cannot communicate their emotions.  Someone on the autistic spectrum can often feel anxious or distressed. These light-weight wristbands will reveal increase in heart rate, skin moisture and temperature allowing carers to respond before a meltdown begins.

The ‘Future 50’ plan also aims to re-build the original residential home on Roby Hill to create a world-leading building specifically for those with autism. The new home should be suitable for up to 12 people.

The reason behind the fundraising is because there is currently a “crisis” within the assessment and diagnosing of autism. MerseyDays spoke to the charities fundraising manger, Rick Myers who said: “parents and carers are waiting up to five and a half years to have their child or people they are looking after to be diagnosed with autism.” This is due to a lack of resources.Wife of presenter Paddy McGuiness, Christine McGuinness is supporting the appeal featuring in their campaigning video. The couple have two children with autism.

Currently the charity has raised 5% of their target. To donate you can either visit the Oak House in Bromborough, text a donation to 70070 or visit the ‘just giving’ website. Further details, lncluding the video with Ms McGuinness are on the website.

Listen to the full interview with Rick Myers below.


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