Alfie Evans’ dad slams high court decision to end son’s life

Photo courtesy of Alfie’s Army Facebook

By Rebecca Thomas

The father of desperately ill toddler Alfie Evans has slammed a High Court decision to allow his son’s life support to be turned off. Tom Evans posted on Alfie’s Army Facebook page after he had a meeting with bosses at Liverpool Alder Hey Hospital to plan Alfie’s end of life care. Alfie’s parents, Kate James and Tom Evans have been fighting for months in court appeals to stop Alder Hey withdrawing Alfie’s life support machine.

In his angry Facebook post Mr Evans, 21, said; “Alfie isn’t dying or unstable he is growing, putting weight on, responding etc.”

Tom Evans also questioned why a hospital have the right to end his sons life support, he said; ““He is not dying so Alder Hey do not have the right to remove his life from his parents or himself!!!”.

Mr Evans said he asked Alder Hey if he could take Alfie home “to a suitable setting with the private facilities and team to let him die in his own time with no further escalation of treatment”.

“And we will never return to Alder Hey and we will buy the vent and pay for the team out of Alfie’s medical funds!!!”.

However, Tom Evans has said he has been denied the chance to take Alfie home;

“We are being denied this!!!!! Alder Hey want Alfie dead and on their time scale with their plans!!! Whose son is he???”

“Does he belong to the government or me and Kate???!!!

The specialists at Alder Hey have said throughout the court appeals that life support treatment should stop and further intervention was futile. Currently, all appeals by the parents to keep Alfie on life support have been rejected in favour of the hospital.


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