Alfie Evans: Court decides date for toddler’s life support to be switched off

Picture courtesy of ‘alfiesarmy’ instagram

By Rebecca Thomas

The parents of seriously ill toddler Alfie Evans have been handed the date their son’s life support machine will be turned off. The legal battle to save Alfie’s life ended in March, after his parents Tom Evans and Kate James had an appeal at the European Court of Human Rights rejected.

Alfie has an undiagnosed brain condition and has been treated at Alder Hey children’s hospital since December 2016. Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool were legally required to go back to High Court to determine when treatment could be withdrawn.

Mr Justice Hayden said at the hearing on Wednesday that it is the interests of seriously ill toddler Alfie Evans to have his life support machine switched off. When Mr Justice Hayden made his High Court ruling in February, he described the “terrible reality” of what has happened to Alfie has been “profoundly unfair” but what he needs now is “good quality palliative care.”

Describing Mr Evans fight for his son he said that; “at times hot-headed and impetuous, but he delights in his son.’ Mr Justice Hayden also sympathised with Tom Evans and said he had “encountered an unfairness about which he can do something.”

Th details of when Alfie’s life support will be switched off cannot be published for legal reasons.



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